Plan # Rehab – Families of the Deceased

  See the young twin sisters below? Hashi and Khushi, both … gone too early. Also, the two gentlemen bracketing the twins are Babul Hossain and Abdul Karim; who left both their wives at an advanced stage of pregnancy. Gone before seeing their offsprings here on earth… As Farheen writes, “…now that there will be

Sneha rehab plan 1

The Plan – 100 Families for 1 Full Year

:: Sneha Foundation:: Supporting 100 Families for 1 Full Year – The Plan & The Timeline : In Broad Strokes Plan # Rehab – CRP [Part # 1] [sponsoring seriously injured patients through CRP] Plan # Rehab – Survivors [Part # 2] [sponsoring through independently collected list] Plan # Rehab – Deceased [Part # 3]


Mahmuda Rahman

Quanita Ahmed

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